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Can HVAC Systems Spread Germs, Bacteria and Viruses?

From washing our hands and maintaining a stock of sanitizer, to making sure we eat well and get a good night’s rest, we do our best to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy. Still, there are many environments we cannot control, like when our children head off to school or when we run

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Take a closer look at healthier indoor air solutions

The experts at MTB Mechanical are here with a reminder: As most of us spend more time indoors in the cooler months, we increase our exposure to poorer air quality. In fact, the air inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted than outside air. At the same time, we’re constantly working to keep our homes as sealed up as possible in the winter months, which only complicates the issue.

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It’s fireplace season! Get cozy. Stay safe.

Before you gather around a crackling fire, MTB Mechanical shares a few tips to ensure your fireplace is safe to use and will be working optimally throughout the fall and winter months.

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Cleaner air. Humid air. Why both are so important for heating season.

The change of seasons brings a lot of other changes as well. Fall allergies make their unwelcome annual appearance. As we lose more daylight and the temperatures go down, we’ll be spending more time indoors. And this means your home’s air quality is more important than ever. MTB Mechanical is here with products and solutions to make it a more comfortable fall and winter for homes in the Charlotte region.

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With NearU, MTB is even more equipped with resources, training and tools

For MTB customers, this means an even stronger team with expanded resources, training and tools, all resulting in the best possible service outcome. We will continue to be fair, transparent and honest with all who have placed their trust in MTB over the decades.

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Why is my A/C freezing up?

Air conditioning units have been working overtime during an especially hot summer season in the Charlotte area. Humid air that […]

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Is cold weather really coming? Get a jump on the season with these 9 tips

In the middle of summer’s sweltering heat, it can be difficult to think about fall and winter weather. However, cooler temperatures will be upon us before we know it. The experts at MTB Mechanical encourage you to look ahead to the heating season and begin thinking about any maintenance or improvements your home may need, so that you can be assured of a comfortable fall and winter.

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The history of A/C: From healthcare to Hollywood to the White House

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nearly 90% of all homes in the U.S. utilize some form of A/C. How did it become so widespread? Your friends at MTB Mechanical share the history and the highlights along the way.

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6 DIY tips to help maximize your A/C

While regular service from your heating and cooling professional is always the best way to ensure top performance for your air conditioning, there are a few DIY things you can do to help keep the cool air flowing. MTB Mechanical shares these six simple tips:

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First-time homeowners and proper HVAC maintenance

Buying your first home brings joy, but also adds a new list of things for you to learn and understand. Your Realtor® or homebuilder most likely elaborated on many of your home’s features, but HVAC systems may not have been covered in any significant detail.

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