With NearU, MTB is even more equipped with resources, training and tools

An MTB Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning van parked in front of a customer’s home

How do proven leaders become even more vital to their customers? One way is to join together with other outstanding leaders, and that’s what MTB Mechanical has done in its new partnership with NearU Services .

A family of home services companies, NearU has built a portfolio of partners in the HVAC industry. The addition of MTB, based in Matthews, NC, allows NearU to expand its service capabilities to one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States, and to establish a geographic presence in all major markets in North Carolina.

For MTB customers, this means an even stronger team with expanded resources, training and tools, all resulting in the best possible service outcome. We will continue to be fair, transparent and honest with all who have placed their trust in MTB over the decades.

“We are thrilled to welcome MTB Mechanical to the NearU family,” says Ashish Achlerkar, NearU founder and CEO. “Britt and Jennifer Thomas, along with the talented MTB team, have built an outstanding company with a best-in-class reputation in the home services industry. They have achieved this preeminent position by remaining laser-focused on two core principles: delivering top-quality tradesmanship to their extensive and loyal customer base, and attracting and retaining the best technician talent in the industry. This promising partnership — with a company in our own backyard — will allow for the sharing of best practices in customer experience, employee training and technology-enablement across the NearU family of companies.”

The Thomas family will continue to lead MTB — and the brand remains as strong as ever. “Our mission is the same now as it was when we founded MTB,” says Britt and Jennifer Thomas,who launched the company in 2002. “We’re here to deliver premium-quality heating and cooling solutions to our valued customers in a personalized manner. Since inception, our team members have executed flawlessly on this mission — allowing the MTB name to become synonymous with customer trustworthiness and employee wellbeing.”

In this next exciting chapter for our company, MTB will continue to focus on the Science of Comfort, with our highly trained team taking an informed approach to every heating and cooling issue. That’s the MTB difference.

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