It’s fireplace season! Get cozy. Stay safe.

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The festive fall season is upon us. Along with the return of pumpkin spice, colorful leaves and packs of trick-or-treaters, fall is the time when many of us rekindle the fireplace that has been sitting dormant since February or March. Before you gather around a crackling fire, MTB Mechanical shares a few tips to ensure your fireplace is safe to use and will be working optimally throughout the fall and winter months.

Start with a professional cleaning. If it has been a while since your fireplace was cleaned, contact a highly rated chimney company for an inspection and thorough cleaning. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you have your fireplace and chimney serviced annually, just as you would your heating system.

Keep your flue closed between uses. This simple step will ensure your heated air isn’t escaping through the chimney, which can impact your energy bills. Always wait until the fireplace is completely cooled before closing the flue.

Avoid green wood. Remember that new, green wood produces more smoke than heat, and can cause residue to build up inside the chimney. Instead, stock up on more seasoned wood that burns evenly.

Don’t discard trash or other items into the fire. Seemingly safe materials may produce toxic fumes.

Use a fire screen. Not only will this help contain embers and logs, a screen provides a barrier to keep young children away from the fire and heat.

Never overload the fireplace . When too many logs are piled on, it can create an unstable situation where logs can roll out.

Keep a metal container handy for removing hot ashes. Embers and ashes can easily produce flying particles, which can ignite or damage furniture, floors and upholstery.

Your friends at MTB send warmest wishes for a fun and safe fall season!

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