6 DIY tips to help maximize your A/C

An MTB Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning technician inspecting a customer’s air conditioning unit

While regular service from your heating and cooling professional is always the best way to ensure top performance for your air conditioning , there are a few DIY things you can do to help keep the cool air flowing. MTB Mechanical shares these six simple tips:

  1. Clean dust from registers, and for any registers on the floor, be sure they are unobstructed by furniture, pet beds or other items.
  2. Outside, trim shrubbery to allow at least two feet of clearance from your A/C unit.
  3. Also with your outdoor unit, clear leaves and debris from the grill. Take a look inside, and if the interior of the unit is dirty, it may be time for a service call.
  4. Assess ductwork in your attic or crawlspace to see if there are holes, loose tape or separated sections that could potentially leak air.
  5. Replace your air filters regularly to reduce restrictions and wasted energy. Need helping remember when to change them? Sign up for our free filter reminders .
  6. Inspect your condensate line to be sure it is clear and is allowing water runoff. Where do you find it? Look for a pipe, usually white PVC pipe, in the proximity of your outdoor compressor.

These simple tips will help optimize your A/C’s performance, to supplement the annual preventative maintenance that every system needs, just like the annual inspection for your car. Is it time for a checkup for your home? MTB offers a Priority Service Agreement (PCA) that includes two preventative checks each year.

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