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3 Benefits of an HVAC Surge Protector

HVAC system downtime can cause plenty of headaches — whether it leaves you hot in the summer or cold in the winter. Every year, the average home experiences hundreds of electrical surges, most of which are small. Surges can be caused by numerous things, such as lightning and random utility occurrences. These can damage your HVAC equipment as well as your household electronics.To protect your HVAC system, you should consider calling the experts at MTB to install a surge protector.
Here are 3 benefits of an HVAC surge protector:
A lot of standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover power surge damage to appliances. You have insurance for your home and car, so it makes sense to protect your HVAC system as well. Surge protectors prevent potential damage and act as insurance for your HVAC system.
Lightning can travel as far as 1/2 mile, and summer storms put your HVAC system at risk. A surge protector will redirect high voltage surges, like those from lightning, into the ground and away from your HVAC system.
While external factors like lightning can cause power surges, a majority of power surges are actually generated internally. They’re usually short and originate from your home’s appliances. While these surges are small and won’t cause major damage alone, over time they can affect the motors in your AC unit, and damage and shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system. This is why it’s important to have a surge protector to stop the surges. electronics.
Interested in learning more about how a surge protector can protect and lengthen your HVAC system’s lifespan? Give the experts at MTB a call today at (704) 459-4066 . Now is a great time, because we’re running a special on surge protectors until June 30.

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