Your HVAC System Could Be Spreading the Flu

Despite your best efforts to stay well, the flu can strike at any time, leaving you out of commission for days. What’s worse is how easily you can share the flu with your family, spreading one case throughout the house and to the ones you love.

While you often don’t think about the ductwork running throughout your home, it can silently work as the ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to grow and multiply. 

When the heat comes on, that nice warm air that keeps you comfortable in the winter months can also swirl around the ductwork, picking up germs along the way and distributing them through your home.

Preventing exposure to these germs outside of your home can be near impossible, but with MTB’s HVAC technology, you can make sure the germs aren’t festering inside. Germicidal UV Lights installed directly into your ductwork utilize UV light to destroy up to 87% of airborne bacteria and viruses passing through your HVAC system. Because of its effectiveness, UV technology is widely used in hospitals to reduce the spread of infectious disease in a safe, non-toxic way. Germicidal UV Lights can also reduce odor and improve the air quality inside your home.

To find out more about having Germicidal UV Lights installed in your ductwork, give the pros at MTB a call today: 704-321-9250.