Why Should You Invest in a Whole Home Humidifier Instead of a Portable Unit?

Humidifiers are a blessing in winter when moisture is scarce. They help eliminate dry skin, lips and noses. They also help us avoid scratchy throats, static electricity, cracks in floors, peeling wall paper and paint all due to a lack of moisture inside our homes in winter. Awhole home humidifier that is installed directly to your heating system by MTB Heating and Air is a great option for avoiding overly dry air and maintaining a comfortable humidity level inside your home. They are safe and sanitiary because they are plumbed into your home’s water source and use fresh clean water. The whole house humidifier then distributes moist air throughout the home via the duct work. The unit only needs cleaning at the end of the heating season because water never sits in a tank or resevoir thus allowing for mold, bacteria or viruses to grow. Basically the unit is installed and you can forget about it throughout the winter season. Your family will stay comfortable and wooden objects in your home will be safe from drying out.Many people choose to use portable humidifiers in their homes in winter for comfort. While these units do add moisture to the environment, they require a lot of maintenance to insure effectiveness and safety. First the home owner has to add to the unit and move them around to different rooms to spread moisture. This of course is not as convenient and is an obvious drawback. The other issue with portable humidifiers that may be less obvious is that they are capable of making you sick. Water sitting in your portable humidifier can cause scum to occur in the bottom of the tank and in the motor. Bacteria and fungi can grow in this environment and then be spread when the unit emits it’s mist. To ensure that your portable humidifier is safe, you will need to change the water in the unit daily and the unit should be cleaned every third day according to the manufacturers instructions with an approved cleaner. To eliminate scale and mineral deposits from building up in the unit, it is suggested that distilled water be used instead of tap water. It is also very important to not allow water to set in the unit for long periods of time… such as when you are away on vacation.
The other issue that must be addresed when using a portable humidifier is controlling the moisture level. With a whole house humidifier, the home owner is able to set and control the moisture level via the unit’s controls. This is not possible with a portable unit, so the homeowner can encouter issues such as too much moisture which can cause wall paper to peel and exaserbate allergy problems …or they can fail to produce enough moisture resulting in air that is too dry.
You may be wondering why anyone would choose to use a portable humidifier given the advantages a whole house humidifier provides. People assume that a portable unit is much less expensive. The truth is many are. However to get a good quality and highly effective portable unit, the cost can easily exceed that of the whole home type. Plus, you have to factor in all of the maintenace. This is why it is wise to do your research. To learn more about a whole house humidifier, call MTB Heating and Air today. It is the safest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your home comfortable in the winter.