Which Wireless Programmable Thermostat is Best for You?

Wireless programmable thermostats just make sense. In fact, installing one will trim $180 or more off your utility costs a year and the savings start immediately. But which programmable thermostat is best for you? Three of the best thermostats on the market currently are: The Nest, the Honeywell WiFi, and the Lennox icomfort. Below, I will provide you with information on each of these products which may help you decide the thermostat that best suits your needs.The Nest- In a survey of the best wireless programmable thermostats for 2014, the Nest rated an overall 9.73 out of 10. The Nest has sensors that react to light, temperature, movement and humidity. There is no programming with the Nest. You simply adjust the thermostat to your liking over the course of several days and it learns your schedule and programs itself. The Nest is modern looking however, unlike other thermostats, the look is not customizable so you cannot personalize it to better fit your decor. Ratings: Features- 10, Design- 9.38, Ease of Use- 9.75
Honeywell WiFi- This thermosatat rated a 8.58 out of 10. Honeywell WiFi provides many ways to conserve energy and integrates with smart devices. It however does not feature motion sensors to initiate heating or cooling if you come home outside your usual schedule. Ratings: Features- 8.88, Design- 9.50, Ease of Use- 6.88
Lennox icomfort wifi-This thermostat rated a 8.38 out of 10 and has custom skins or you can use your photos to personalize it. This is agood thermostat for energy savings with a one touch overide and remote control from smart phone. Ratings: Features- 8.75, Design- 9.75, Ease of Use 5.
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