Want to Avoid the Flu?

Flu season is really hitting us hard this year. I know about it personally as I am currently recovering from the flu. It began with a cough, then chills and the worst body aches you can imagine. I was literally in bed for days and almost 2 weeks later, still have little energy. We all know that going out this time of year exposes us to a multitude of germs. Kids pick up all kinds of “yucky” stuff at school and then pass it around. There is no way to completely avoid exposure to these awful bugs but there are ways to lessen our exposure.You may not be aware of it, but the duct work for your HVAC system is the ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to grow and multiply. When the heat comes on, warm air blows across the duct work and spreads the germy brew throughout your home. Well guess what, there is a way to effectively tackle this problem. It is called a germicidal UV Light and MTB Heating and Air can install it directly onto your ductwork. UV light has the ability to destroy up to 87% of airborn bacteria and viruses passing through your HVAC system. This greatly helps reduce passing around illness through the entire family. Because of its effectiveness, UV technology is widely used in hospitals to reduce the spread of infectious disease in a safe and non- toxic way. Another benefit of a UV Germicidal light is an overall improvement in air quality and odor reduction.
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