Upgrade Your Thermostat with MTB Mechanical’s Summer Special

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a thermostat that learns your ideal temperature? Perhaps you’d like to have a one that adjusted automatically depending on whether or not you’re home? Or what if you had a thermostat you could control from wherever you are?Well, with MTB Mechanical’s thermostat and installation special, you can get a brand new, smart thermostat installed in your home for $100 off!
Read on to learn about the three thermostat options available to find the perfect fit for your home.
Nest: The Learning Thermostat
During the first week after your installation, turn up Nest when you’re feeling cold and turn it down when you’re feeling hot. As time goes on, Nest will learn where you like the temperature set throughout the day, will adjust accordingly and will even activate energy saving features.
Therefore, by installing Nest, you’re not only making your life easier, but you’ll also be saving on your energy bill! Not to mention, Nest can be managed by using the Nest Web app or Mobile app so you’re able to see and adjust your temperature from anywhere!
Lyric: Designed for How You Live
With no schedules, no programming and no complex menus, Lyric, made by Honeywell, is designed to give you comfort when you’re home and savings while you’re away. How? With Lyric’s “Geofencing” technology, it uses your smartphone’s location to adjust your settings.
Lyric is also fine-tuned to take in indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels to ensure it truly feels like the temperature you have the thermostat set on. For example, if it’s hot and humid, Lyric will cycle the A/C more often to ensure your home feels like 72 degrees. However, on a hot day with lower humidity levels, Lyric will not run the A/C as often.
Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000: Controlled From Anywhere
Honeywell’s Wi-Fi 9000 combines energy savings with a customizable, colored screen display. Not only can you schedule the Wi-Fi 9000 remotely via your computer, tablet or smartphone, but you can also access multiple locations, get temperature alerts via email and get automatic software updates.
The high-definition color display can be customized to any color you choose and it updates automatically for daylight savings time.
Take Advantage of MTB Mechanical’s Thermostat Special!
Ready to reap in the savings? Of course you are!
MTB’s $100 off a new thermostat installation special will not be around for long, so act fast! Visit MTB Mechanical’s website to request service or call 704-321-9250 to speak to a representative.