Keeping Your House Cool Without Ruining the Environment

Let’s face it – HVAC systems aren’t necessarily the most eco-friendly appliances in the world, but in an area that gets as hot as it does here in Charlotte, they’re a necessity. That said, there are several things you can do to ensure you’re as green as possible while staying cool this spring and summer. It’s possible to be eco-conscious and comfortable!Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your home and family comfortable without ruining the planet…
Tip: Bulk Up Your Insulation
Did you know that a few extra inches of insulation can help maintain the temperature in your home as much as 50% more efficiently? Insulation is relatively inexpensive and areas like attics, crawlspaces, and basements are “low-hanging fruit.”
Tip: Check Your Ductwork
It’s a smart idea to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your ductwork for signs of leaks or broken seals. Improperly-sealed ducts leading from inside your house out can drastically reduce the efficiency of your AC system, causing it to run constantly. That costs you money in cooling costs and uses excess energy!
Tip: Close Your Drapes
The more sunlight hits your house, both interior and exterior, the harder your AC unit will have to work to keep it cool. Closing the drapes and blinds in sun-facing rooms during daylight hours is a good way to keep the temp down; so is closing the vents and doors in rooms you hardly use. If possible, planting trees or bushes that provide more shade for your home is a good way to keep cooling costs low, too.
Tip: Install Programmable Thermostats
Today’s consumer can easily purchase a programmable thermostat at the home improvement store that can be operated via smartphone. Not only are these devices convenient, they can actually “teach” your AC system how to most-efficiently cool your home over time. Just be sure to have your programmable thermostat installation performed by a licensed HVAC technician to ensure it’s wired properly.
Tip: Look Into a High-Efficiency AC Unit
If your air conditioner is ending its lifespan you may consider the myriad benefits of a high-efficiency unit. Although these systems can be a little more expensive initially, they pay for themselves quickly in reduced electricity bills and also help you avoid wasted energy. A new high-efficiency AC unit may be able to reduce your energy costs by as much as 20-50% annually…and those savings add up! Click here to see exactly how much you can save by upgrading to a higher-efficiency model.
Tip: Be Sure Your AC is the Right Size
Do you suspect your air conditioner is either too small or too large for your home? Both are problems that can cause your unit to run inefficiently, cycling on and off too often or even running more hours a day than necessary. Likewise, be sure to check your air filters every three months at minimum. A filter that needs changing works inefficiently, taxing your AC system. MTB Mechanical even offers a FREE filter change reminder to help you stay on top of your filter schedule.
Tip: Get More Ceiling Fans
The old standby really works! Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 15 degrees cooler in the summer months and the same amount warmer in the winter (when switched to “reverse.”) It’s important to remember that a ceiling fan only moves air, it doesn’t actually cool it, so don’t leave it on when you’re not in the room or you’ll just end up wasting energy!
You don’t have to sweat it out for weeks at a time to give back to Mother Nature. A few simple steps can help you save big on your energy output – and your electricity bills! – while maintaining a comfortable, livable home.
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