If Dry Air is a Problem… We’ve got the Solution!

It’s just a given that when the heat gets turned on our skin gets dried out. It’s an unfortunate price to pay for staying warm, but a reality. Dry inside air means chapped lips, dry itchy skin and even nose bleeds for some. But there are some things you can do to remedy some of the misery. A humidifier is obviously the best way to add moisture back into the air but they aren’t inexpensive. Below, you will find some options for humidifying the air that are easy, natural and free.1) Fill a crock pot with water and keep it on with the lid off. You can add orange and apple peels, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and vanilla to make your home smell great.
2) Place bowls of water around your home. You can float candles in them to make them decorative.
3) Try drying some of your clothes, towels etc. by hanging them on coat hangers in doorways or over the shower rods. Not only will you save electricity, you will add moisture to your home.
4) Put houseplants around. Plants naturally add moisture to the air and keeping them well watered will help even more.
5) When you cook on top of the stove, leave the lids off and allow the steam into the air.
6) When you are baking in the oven, place a pot of water on top of the stove. The oven will warm the water in the pot.
7) When you shower or take a hot bath, leave the bathroom door open.
8) Fish tanks add water to the air.
9) When it rains, crack your windows slightly.
10) Open your dishwasher to dry your dishes and release the steam that is inside.