Heat Replacement

Similar to your air conditioning unit your heating unit has a life span of approximately 10-12 years. Your furnace is also a very hard working unit! You wouldn’t necessarily know from the name, but the furnace actually runs not only during the winter but also during the summer. During the summer it drives your air conditioning unit.

In the Charlotte region, statistics show a heat pump system runs on average 317 days a year. That’s 87% of the year! With that much operation, it is crucial to have your system maintained by a licensed HVAC professional. The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%. We are there for you!

An older gas furnace could waste up to 45% of the heat it generates. But today's furnaces can operate at as much as 97% AFUE, (annual fuel utilization efficiency) which means instant cost savings in operation.

A lesson to be learned from these statistics is although your heating unit may still be functioning, if it is 10 years or older you should think about replacing. You will save money on the efficiency in a relatively short time.

Your comfort specialist will perform a personal evaluation and consultation of your home and recommend the best products for your family’s comfort, which may include:

  •  High efficiency gas or electric furnaces
  •  Hybrid heating systems (dual fuel)
  •  Heat pumps
  •  Humidifiers/dehumidifiers
  •  Indoor air quality
  •  Digital programmable thermostats
  •  Zoned Heating & Cooling

When choosing a unit, buying durable heat pumps or furnaces may cost more initially. This can be well worth the upfront cost because they generally come with long warranties. Good furnaces and heat pumps often are guaranteed for twenty years and boilers for thirty!

Other important factors to consider when replacing your furnace include:

  •  How long you plan to live in your house
  •  Special comfort needs
  •  Fuel availability
  •  Fuel cost
  •  Geographic area and climate

All these factors, plus your lifestyle and family needs, add up to show you which system is best for you.

There are many options for replacing your gas furnace. We recommend Lennox, Trane and Carrier -- the top brand names with finest manufactured and most efficient systems in the industry. Most of our new systems have received the Energy Star rating for high efficiency.

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