Fall in North Carolina: 4 Tips to Stay Comfortable Indoors

Fall means pumpkins, hayrides and a lot of candy. While fall is almost here, autumn is unpredictable in North Carolina. The sun will set earlier and leaves will fall, but don’t pile on your cozy sweaters just yet. In North Carolina, shorts and sandals carry over into fall wardrobes, but eventually things do start to cool down, especially at night. So how do you handle the fluctuating temperatures without straining your air conditioner?Here are four tips to help stay comfortable during southern falls:
Turn up your thermostat a few degrees. During the summer months, it’s normal to have your AC set between 68 and 72 degrees. But if you turn it up a couple degrees while it’s still warm in the fall, you can save on your energy bill. For every degree you turn it up, you could be decreasing your unit’s power consumption by seven percent.
Take advantage of cooler fall evenings by opening your windows while you sleep. Turning on ceiling fans is also a good idea, to help circulate the cooler air throughout your home. As the heat begins to rise during the day, you can go back to closed windows and air conditioning. But this is the best season to put fresh air to work whenever and wherever you can.
Change your filters regularly. Your air conditioner has been working nonstop to keep you cool during the summer. But don’t forget that you need to change the filters to keep it in tip-top condition.
While in general, switching between your AC and heating won’t hurt your system, it could cause it to shut off unexpectedly. If you change your thermostat to heating mode in the middle of a cooling cycle, your compressor could lock up and short-cycle. We recommend you turn off the AC, wait from the compressor to finish its cycle, then switch to the heating function.
Did you know fall is also the best time to get your HVAC unit checked out before the cold weather settles in? Please give us a call today to schedule your appointment at 704-321-9250.