Can’t Remember to Change Your Air Filter? MTB Will Remind You!

Changing your heating and air system’s air filter on a regular basis is important for many reasons. First, a dirty air filter is the number one cause of HVAC equipment failure. A dirty air filter also causes the system to work harder to do its job. This puts unneccessary stress on the motor which shortens the life of the system. Also when a system is forced to work harder, it is less energy efficient. This means higher utility costs. Finally, air filters are largely responsible for the quality of indoor air. When an air filter is dirty, it simply can’t do its job trapping pollutants pulled into the system. They are then recycled back throughout the air and the result is misery for anyone who suffers from allergies.Although changing out an air filter is a very easy job, it’s a job that is hard to rememeber to do. Well, now you don’t have to rememeber. MTB Heating and Air’s new Free Filter Reminder program will do the remembering for you. Simply go to to sign up and MTB will remind you whenever your air filter needs to be changed. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s free. The Air Filter reminder program is just one more way MTB is continually working to improve on their great customer service.
No need to remember your air filter again. Just visit and let us remind you.