8 Tips for Keeping Your Charlotte Home Cool this Summer

The average summer temperature in Charlotte is around 87 degrees….that’s hot! Your HVAC system has to work overtime during the summer months to keep up with the demands of such humid, stifling temperatures, but a few easy tricks can actually help keep your home cooler.And if you’ve noticed your AC system is having a hard time keeping the thermostat where you want it? Give MTB Mechanical a call. We’re currently offering an $89 cooling system checkup all summer long!
Tip 1: Have Your AC Unit Checked
Particularly if it’s several years old, having your air conditioner checked is the easiest way to detect cooling issues. Whether you simply need more coolant, need your vents cleared, or even need a whole new AC unit, MTB Mechanical has you covered.
Tip 2: Keep Your Blinds Closed
Anywhere from 20-30% of the unwanted heat entering your home actually comes in through the windows! Blinds and curtains can significantly decrease the “greenhouse effect” in your house and take some of the pressure off your AC system.
Tip 3: Change Your Fans
Are your fans set to rotate counter-clockwise? That allows air to circulate effectively and make the room you’re in feel cooler. But remember, fans work by removing moisture from your skin so unless you’re in the room, turn it off!
Tip 4: Plant Shade Trees
This is a long-term tip, but planting some shade trees around your home can drastically reduce the amount of sunlight that heats it up. Just avoid planting to the south of your house so you’ll still get sun in wintertime, helping keep your home warm.
Tip 5: Check the Size of Your AC
Many homeowners have an AC that’s improperly sized for their home, causing it to work inefficiently. Not only will a too-big or too-small air conditioner waste your money on energy, it might also have a difficult time keeping the temperature in your house constant. Ask your air conditioning professional which size is appropriate for your home.
Tip 6: Change Your Filters
Did you know that simple dust can decrease the efficiency of your AC unit by as much as 1% a week? Change your filters monthly in the summertime to circumvent the buildup caused by open doors, lots of guests, and residual pollen.
Tip 7: Replace Your Lightbulbs
Old incandescent lightbulbs can significantly heat up your room when left on for long periods of time. High-efficiency CFL bulbs are not only better for the environment, they’re less heat-inducing. Check with your energy provider to see if you can get a carton for free.
Tip 8: Unplug Your Electronics
Likewise, plugged-in electronics can actually emit a lot of heat. Have you ever picked up your laptop battery after a long charge? It gets warm! Unplug electronics while not in use (think: TV, computers, phones, and game stations) to save energy and cool off the room a bit.
Got questions on keeping your cool this summer? Call one of MTB Mechanical’s experienced HVAC specialists in Charlotte to find out more about our special promotions. We’re waiting to hear from you!