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Spring storms and HVAC surge protection

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring thunderstorms and dangerous power surges. According to AccuWeather.com, 194 million bolts of lightning were detected in the U.S. last year, up 14% from the previous year.

MTB Mechanical wants you and your home to be prepared for the elements this spring. You may have surge protectors in place for your TVs, computers and major appliances. But are you prepared for the same kind of surges to your heating and cooling system?

These surges often result from lightning, but can also occur from utility malfunctions or electrical fluctuations inside your home. Whatever the cause, voltage spikes can damage your heating and cooling system’s circuit board, as well as the motor and compressor. When this happens, you are facing a costly repair or even worse, a total replacement.

Installing a surge protector is a simple and affordable way to safeguard your HVAC system from these voltage spikes, helping to ensure your comfort and investment aren’t compromised.

Today is the perfect time to plan for the spring and beyond by taking advantage of a special offer from MTB. Save now on a surge protector when you schedule an appointment online or by calling (704) 459-4066 .

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