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Enjoy the beauty of spring – without springing a leak!

When you consider potential areas for water damage in your home, the most obvious include plumbing issues, roof leaks and washing machine or dishwasher malfunctions. But your air conditioner can be a culprit, too. As your A/C hums back into regular use this spring, the pros at MTB Mechanical encourage you to take the steps to ensure your cooling system won’t be bringing any unpleasant surprises.

What should you look for?

Your air conditioning unit removes water from the air using a cooling coil, and then drains the water away from your home through a condensate drain line. When this line is clogged with dust and debris, water drains much slower. With severe clogs, water may not drain at all.

In cases like these, the trapped water accumulates in your air conditioner’s drip pan, located under the air handler. The pan can only hold so much water before it overflows. Unfortunately, the overflow can often occur in areas that are out of immediate view. The wet conditions allow for mold, structural damage, ceiling stains and drywall damage – especially bad if the drip pan is located on a second floor or attic.

What can you do to prevent it?

Begin with a spring maintenance check on your system through our Priority Comfort Agreement (PCA). MTB is here to assess and repair any issues that keep your A/C from performing at its best.

We also offer products that help prevent potential water damage from your cooling system. The EZ Trap water safety device is designed to automatically turn your unit off before water reaches the overflowing stage in your drip pan. EZ Trap is a simple and inexpensive solution to ensure protection and peace of mind. Now is the best time to purchase, because for a limited time, MTB is offering the EZ Trap at a discounted price .

Schedule your maintenance appointment today to have your air conditioner’s condensate line checked, and to install an EZ Trap water safety device in your home. Book an appointment online or call (704) 847-5607 .