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5 tips to keep your pipes from freezing this winter

Winter temperatures in the Charlotte region are consistently inconsistent. Most of the season is relatively mild, but we can count on a few nights of deep freezes. And when it freezes outside, this can lead to frozen pipes inside.

MTB Mechanical offers five tips to prepare for those bone-chilling nights, with a few simple steps to protect your pipes and avoid damage or expensive repairs:

  1. If there are water lines in your garage, keep the garage doors closed.
  2. If you’ll be out of the house for an extended period, keep your heat set no lower than 55 degrees.
  3. Cover and wrap exposed pipes with towels to provide extra insulation.
  4. Open your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to let heat in.
  5. Let water drip from inside faucets through the night. Even a trickle will help keep pipes from freezing.

A little preparation can prevent a lot of inconvenience and expense. Stay safe and warm this winter, and when you need the help of the heating professionals at MTB, we’re here for you. Set up an appointment or give us a call at (704) 847-5607 .