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Do you have a faulty HVAC system or just leaky windows and doors? Find out here!

As winter weather settles in, you may be:

1. Feeling cold drafts in your home, especially closer to the floor or around windows and doors.

2. Experiencing the frustration of not being able to regulate the temperature of certain rooms.

The causes may vary, but MTB Mechanical offers one important piece of advice: your heating system can only be as good as the insulative properties throughout your home. Sometimes all it takes to fix a “malfunctioning” heating system is better insulation. Studies show 90% of all homes are under-insulated, meaning you’re not alone in needing efficiency improvements.

Here we offer a few tips for insulating your windows and doors for winter:


The easiest and most effective way to seal up your windows and doors is to plug any existing leaks. Using all-weather caulk to match your exterior moldings, draw a thin line around each door and window’s frame from the outside. Inside, install a thin strip of weatherstripping (available at most hardware stores) to ensure a tight seal under doors and closed windows. It’s smart to re-caulk every few years to ensure your caulk hasn’t cracked, chipped or otherwise peeled away.

Curtains and drapery

In addition to enhancing your décor, curtains can improve your comfort all winter long. Curtains and drapery block drafts, and can insulate your windows from the cold air outside. Pro tip: Open the curtains in the morning to let in as much sunlight as possible during the day for a little natural heating boost.

Storm windows

While it’s true that storm windows are an expense, they also add to the resale value of a home. Double-paned storm windows in particular are an excellent way to make your home significantly more energy-efficient. Depending on the storm windows you choose, you may be eligible for federal rebate offers through ENERGY STAR®.

Window film

Insulative window films are an inexpensive way to add an additional layer of insulation to windows. They can be especially helpful in homes with very old windows, or in rooms where there are multiple windows. But please be aware, there are many choices when it comes to window films – some are pre-cut for standard-sized windows, and some will need to be cut to size, especially in homes with uniquely sized windows.

Yes, adding insulation is an investment of time and money. But it pays off in the short term with a warmer environment, and in the long term by improving your home’s value. In fact, “Remodeler Magazine’s” annual cost vs. value report puts insulation improvements at the top of the list.

However, if it turns out that insulation isn’t the issue and there is indeed a need for a heating professional to provide service, remember that the expert technicians at MTB are here for you. Set up an appointment or give us a call at (704) 847-5607 .