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That one chilly room in your home doesn’t have to be that way

Do you have that one room in your house that’s always a little chillier than the others during the winter months? Maybe you crank up the heat throughout the house to try to overcome this annoyance, or maybe you just avoid that area altogether. Either way, there comes a time when you may want to address the root causes. It could be a simple fix — and even if it’s not, MTB Mechanical is here to help.

When it comes to the cause, there are two main categories: (1) cold air is coming into that room from outside, or (2) there may be issues that involve your HVAC system. Let’s explore three possible causes — and the solutions.

Blocked or closed air vents

Make sure that warm air has a fighting chance to bring you the comfort you need. Are all of your air vents open and unobstructed so warm air can flow? Take a quick look around to make sure there is nothing blocking any of the vents, and look to see if any of them have been inadvertently closed (if they have that feature). Furniture, draperies and rugs can easily cover an air vent, causing just enough obstruction to keep that room from heating at the same rate as the rest of your home.

Exterior air leaks

Inspect around the windows in the room to see if there are any cracks that need caulking. Do you feel air coming inside from around the window frame? Similarly, you can add weather stripping to outside doors in that area. What about the insulation under the floor, if your house sits on a crawl space? Insulation can break down as your home ages, so consider replacing that sub-floor insulation. It can make a huge difference.

Thermostat issues

If you have zoned heating and multiple thermostats, it’s always possible that the thermostat that controls the “cold” room may be set incorrectly or have become miscalibrated. If resetting the thermostat doesn’t take care of the problem, you may need MTB Mechanical to replace it. Many Wi-Fi thermostat options are now available to meet your needs.

As always, MTB Mechanical is here to help you navigate this annoying problem that stands in the way of your comfort. Give the experts a call at (704) 459-4066 or request an appointment online.

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