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Remodeling your home? Consider your HVAC system, too

Remodeling is on the rise among homeowners. The pandemic has caused a shift in the workplace as well as the classroom, with families spending more time than ever in their homes. Naturally they want this environment to be as comfortable and functional as possible. According to a survey from Trulia, 90 percent of all American homeowners plan to remodel their house at some point, and nearly 40 percent of those homeowners are planning a renovation in the next two years.

A major addition or renovation affects just about every aspect of a home. If you are among those homeowners planning to remodel, have you considered your heating and cooling system?

The professionals at MTB Mechanical remind you that whether you’re in the midst of a significant renovation or adding additional square footage to your home, it’s important to enlist the help of a qualified HVAC company to get to the bottom of the following questions:

What size should your HVAC system be?

Your MTB Comfort Advisor will assess the new space to determine whether or not your current HVAC system is sized correctly. A system that is too big or too small for a renovated or reconfigured home can have a shorter life span and lead to unwelcome costs.

How efficient is it?

A remodeling effort is the perfect time to determine if your current HVAC system is efficient enough for your needs. If your furnace or A/C unit is more than 10 years old, it may not be operating as efficiently as it could be, wasting energy and increasing your utility bills. Consider replacing your outdated units with ENERGY STAR® rated units and installing smart thermostats to further conserve energy. You may even be able to claim a tax credit or rebate for these efficiency upgrades.

What should you do to protect your system while work is underway?

Because renovations can be messy and last several days or weeks (or even months), remember to protect the components of your heating and cooling system. If any work will be done near your outside unit, first make sure the power source is off, then cover the unit with a tarp during working hours to protect it from dust and debris. Be sure to remove the tarp once the workers go home each night. Indoors, you’ll want to change your filters more frequently than usual to help keep out particulates like sawdust, sheetrock dust and other construction byproducts.

What is the best time of year for a renovation?

Consider scheduling your renovation during a temperate time of the year, such as the spring and fall, so you can turn your system off completely while work is being done, and avoid overworking it while workers come in and out of the house.

Obviously there’s a lot to think about when you move forward with a renovation. If you have questions about how the process will affect your current HVAC system, MTB is here to help. For a consultation, give us a call at (704) 847-5607 or schedule an appointment online.