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Fall into winter: 3 questions for the season of transition

After the hot, muggy summer we endured in the Charlotte region, fall is especially welcome this year. It’s time to transition to cooler days, sweater weather and the beauty of fall leaves. It’s also time to transition from nonstop air conditioning to furnace season. MTB Mechanical shares a few things to look out for as the change is underway.

  1. What season is this? Hot, cold, hot, cold — just when the weather settles into a cooling pattern, the heat returns. So the battle between the A/C and the furnace is common during October and even into November. Remember that adjusting your thermostat up just a few degrees for cooling makes an impact. For every degree you raise the setting, you could be decreasing your A/C unit’s power consumption by seven percent.
  1. What’s that smell? Your heating system has been sitting dormant for six months or more. Turning it on may result in a slight odor at first. It can smell dusty, smoky or even a little like burning – the key is how long the smell lasts. It’s completely normal for your heating system to produce an odor when it first becomes active for the season. The smell should dissipate within an hour or two. If it persists any longer, you most likely have an issue that should be diagnosed by an HVAC professional.
  1. What’s that noise? When your heating system first comes on, it’s natural to hear the air flow through your vents, and the unit turning off and on as it goes through its cycles. However, if you notice any unusual noises, like clanking, whirring or whining, they could be signs that your unit needs repair or replacement.

Have questions about this season of transition? MTB is always here for you with expert service and advice. Give us a call at (704) 459-4066 or schedule an appointment online.

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