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Which Wi-Fi thermostat is best for your home?

By now, you probably know the brand names of several Wi-Fi thermostats on the market.. Whether it’s the Google Nest, ecobee SmartThermostat, Honeywell WiFi Smart Color Thermostat or any of the other highly-rated Wi-Fi thermostats currently available, you’ll certainly uncover many options as you start looking around, either for your new home, or for a thermostat upgrade in your current place.

MTB Mechanical is here to help you understand the differences among the many available Wi-Fi thermostat choices out there. While the simpler, programmable thermostats allow you to set your desired temperature settings year-round, Wi-Fi thermostats offer many more capabilities. Not only can these high-tech thermostats keep your home more comfortable, they also can increase your energy efficiency.

As you explore your options, consider which features you’ll need in your home:

  • Connectivity — With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can change the temperature with the touch of a button. Want to lower the thermostat a couple degrees? Pull out your iPhone, Android, iPad or laptop and you’re good to go. It’s so easy and convenient, you can control any of your settings when you’re away from home as well.
  • Smart Programming — Wi-Fi smart thermostats are just that — smart. They can learn your preferences and scheduling, then adjust automatically.
  • Compatibility — Now that smart thermostats are commonplace, many new models are designed to interact directly with your other home devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Echo Dot.
  • Data — Want to know how much energy you’re using? You can access that data from many Wi-Fi thermostats to maximize your energy savings. By tracking your data, you may notice, for example, that a significant percentage of your energy consumption occurs on the weekends. You can adjust the settings up or down a few degrees to keep a more consistent overall temperature throughout a typical week.
  • Diagnostics — Receiving maintenance alerts and diagnostics gives you advance notice that your system may need repair in the near future.

Thinking about upgrading your current thermostat to a Wi-Fi model? Moving into a new place and making home automation decisions? Give the expert technicians at MTB Mechanical a call at (704) 459-4066 or schedule an appointment online to explore the options that best fit your needs.

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