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Keep condensate flowing — and your unit cooling!

With the hottest part of summer upon us, keeping your A/C unit running its best is key to your comfort. One of the most important components of your HVAC system is the condensate line, which drains excess moisture to the outside of your home. Keep that line flowing and there will be one less thing that can interrupt your comfort, advises the team at MTB Mechanical.

You may have noticed a small white PVC pipe slowly dripping water from the eave or the crawlspace of your home. Sometimes a small pump is attached to the HVAC system to expedite the drainage process, but most condensate lines utilize gravity. The flow is slow, yet crucial.

As air is heated or cooled inside your HVAC system, humidity is released. This humidity eventually turns into condensation that must have somewhere to go. A clean condensate line efficiently moves this moisture away from the unit — and keeps it running at top performance.

Your condensate line keeps moisture from building up inside your HVAC unit. Moisture is the enemy of any functioning appliance because it can lead to mildew, mold spores and corrosion.

The worst thing that can happen to your condensate line is that it can become clogged by dust, dirt or even ice during periods of extremely cold weather. Water can’t move through a clogged drain line efficiently enough to keep it from backing up.

How can you tell if your drain line is clogged? The best indication that your condensate line is clogged is an inefficient HVAC system. If your A/C is constantly turning on and off without significantly cooling your home, you may have a problem. Otherwise, it can be tricky to tell when a line is clogged since most clogs occur within walls, out of sight.

Only an experienced HVAC technician can properly diagnose and remediate a clogged HVAC drain. The best way to ensure your condensate line is always flowing freely is by having your HVAC system serviced.

MTB’s Priority Comfort Agreement customers avoid breakdowns, reduce their energy bills and increase the life of their system by receiving two maintenance visits annually. Suspect your condensate line might be clogged or have a system that could use some work? Make an appointment online with one of MTB’s expert technicians today or call (704) 459-4066 .

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