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3 signals that it’s time to replace your contactor

Within your HVAC unit, the contactor is a small electrical relay that delivers a signal when it’s time for a cooling cycle to begin. Likewise, when that cooling cycle is finished, the contactor raises to stop the flow of electricity to your air conditioner.

Contactor failure can result in major compressor damage if not repaired quickly. A mechanical failure can happen if something has gotten into the contactor, such as pests or debris that prevent it from working. The contactor’s electrical coil may become damaged if the insulation between the wires breaks down.

With all this to consider, the team at MTB Mechanical wants you to be aware of the three warning signs that your contactor needs to be replaced:

  1. The contactor is making a loud buzzing or chattering noise as the cooling cycle attempts to start.
  2. The unit won’t turn off when the thermostat is off.
  3. The contactor shows signs of wear, as determined by your HVAC professional.

You want your contactor to remain happy and healthy so your home can remain comfortable in the summer months. Unfortunately, the contactor is not something you can see or service yourself due to high-voltage hazards. As always, MTB is here to help when and if there is a problem.

In addition to service, MTB offers the products that prevent problems down the road. Right now you can save $20 on an Emerson™ SureSwitch™ contactor that delivers long-term protection to your A/C unit, valid until September 30, 2021. Give the experts a call at (704) 459-4066 or request an appointment online, and get peace of mind today.

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