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Reverse Your Ceiling Fan and Stay Cooler

Man changes ceiling fan direction

Ceiling fans, both indoor and outdoor, function to keep us cooler even without changing the thermostat. During warm Carolina summers, they are mainstays to help create a breeze and stay more comfortable. But did you know that changing the direction of the blades from season to season is a DIY cooling hack?

When Philip Diehl invented the electric-powered ceiling fan in 1882, it featured two blades and the same electric motor he’d created for the first Singer sewing machines. Years later, two more blades were added to Diehl’s design, but other than fresh aesthetics, not much else has changed. Still, you may be surprised to know that ceiling fans do offer the option to change the direction of spin for the blades. 

In warm weather, MTB Mechanical’s home comfort experts recommend changing your fan blade direction to counterclockwise. You’ll be amazed at how doing this simple chore will keep you cooler. 

Typically, the counterclockwise mode on your fan will be labeled “forward.” Clockwise will be labeled “reverse.” Once you have made the change to counterclockwise, make sure it is set correctly. Simply stand under the fan and look at the direction the blades are turning. In warm months, you will feel that it creates a nice, downward breeze. This makes people in the room feel cooler even though the thermometer reading doesn’t change. The slow, high-volume air movement creates a downsized version of the wind chill effect.

Once the fan is running and circulating air downward, you can save energy by turning your thermostat down up to four degrees without sacrificing comfort. Since a ceiling fan doesn’t actually reduce temperature, there is no reason to run a fan when the room is unoccupied. You can turn it off and continue saving even more energy. 

During cold weather, the rotation of your fan blades should be clockwise. This allows cool air from the floor to be pulled up while pushing hotter air that has risen back down into the room. As a result,the room feels warmer without having to raise your thermostat setting.

Efficiently using your ceiling fan is just one of many energy-saving tips from MTB Mechanical that allows you to cool your home while being sensitive to the environment. Assuring your air conditioner is running at its best is another way to maintain your overall comfort and your HVAC investment. Schedule your maintenance visit with MTB’s technicians today by calling (704) 459-4066 or request an appointment online.

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