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45 Years of MTB: 5 Questions With Owner Jennifer Miller Thomas

Jennifer Miller Thomas’ father, Dan Miller, and husband, Britt Thomas.

At MTB Mechanical, customers benefit from generations of personal attention and exceptional service. This year represents the 45th anniversary of our commitment to providing heating and cooling services to the greater Charlotte area – an area we also call home.

Owner Jennifer Miller Thomas represents both the solid past MTB was built on and the bright future we look forward to as we continue to innovate, bringing customers the newest advances in HVAC technology alongside the exceptional customer service they’ve come to expect. 

As we reflect on 45 years, we asked Jennifer five questions about the journey and what makes MTB’s service so exceptional.

Out of all the industries you could have chosen to go into, why HVAC?

“It was the business my father started the year I was born. He was very successful and enjoyed what he was doing so it was just natural for me to head in that direction.”

Your father, Dan Miller, started Miller Refrigeration in 1976. What are some of the foundations of business and customer service he set that MTB still emulates?

“The cornerstone of our business is developing relationships with customers through trust and best practices. That’s how we’ve built loyalty over the years. In residential new construction, we install systems focusing on comfort and quality service. Those homeowners will then want to continue working with us to maintain their system and, ultimately, years down the line, replace it. We truly want the best for our customers. An HVAC system is an investment in your home so at MTB, we want to offer you an easy, seamless process with fair prices.”

Why did you want to follow in your father’s footsteps and create MTB Mechanical?

“My husband (and MTB owner Britt Thomas) studied geology and continued with that after college. After we got engaged, he wanted to try something new. We both started working at Miller Refrigeration and, shortly after, my father sold the business. At that point, Britt was really enjoying his new career path so we decided to continue it and start MTB Mechanical in March 2001. We got married a month after starting MTB, so it was quite an adventure for our first year of marriage!”

What about being family-owned and operated makes MTB special? 

“It makes it nice to have family around and be supported 100% in the decisions you make daily. Britt and I have four children so I was able to bring each one of them to work with me for the first year of their lives. I don’t think I could have done that anywhere else.”

Now that you’re celebrating 45 years in the HVAC industry, what are you most proud of?

“Our reputation and the growth of MTB year after year.”

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