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Spring Cleaning: 3 Reasons To Start With Your HVAC System

Spring has officially sprung! When your home is closed up during the winter months, things can become stagnant, which is why spring cleaning is such a long-standing tradition. If a big spring clean is on your to-do list, do yourself a favor and start with your HVAC system.

Spring is the perfect season to give your A/C a thorough check inside and out. Here are three reasons why, shared by the expert technicians at MTB Mechanical:

1. The Great Outdoors Can Overrun Your System

When plants start growing in spring, they may encroach on your outdoor condenser. Be sure to clear away any overgrown brush, flowers or grass from the base of your unit so air can flow through your coil. This will make your entire system run more efficiently and prevent your unit from cycling on and off again and again.

2. Spring Allergies Start With Your HVAC

Here in Charlotte, spring is the worst season of the year for allergens. Your HVAC system is your home’s first and last line of defense against contaminants like dust, pollen and mites, and it needs to be in tip-top shape to combat spring’s worst aggressors. Be sure to change your A/C filters often during the season, and give all your return vents and grates a thorough dusting to keep allergens at a minimum. With MTB’s seasonal specials, you can stay spring clean all year long and save. The Lennox® Healthy Climate® Carbon Clean 16® Media Air Cleaner captures particulate matter down to 0.3 microns and between now and June 30, 2021, you can save $50.

Have a hard time remembering to change those filters? Sign up for our filter emails to get a friendly reminder for the recommended date to make the switch.

3. Your A/C Unit Has Been off for Months

When you’ve had the chance to inspect your outdoor unit, replace your filters, and clean around your return vents and grates – it’s time to give your air conditioner a test run. Make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” when you turn it on. Allow time to confirm that cool air is circulating throughout your home as it should be. And if not, check your thermostat again to be sure it’s set to a temperature for optimal cooling.

Regular maintenance visits from an MTB technician can assure your system is running efficiently and will make it less likely to break down during the heat of the summer. MTB’s Priority Comfort Agreement customers get a heating and a cooling visit each year, along with a variety of other advantages that helps protect their HVAC investment.

With these three spring cleaning tips for your A/C and regular maintenance, your system will run smoothly all year long. Schedule a visit from an MTB technician online or by calling (704) 459-4066 .

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