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Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems: 7 Things to Know

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Considering a new HVAC system or renovating and adding a bonus room? A ductless mini-split system might be the right choice to help maintain a consistent internal climate, no matter what the weather outside. But what exactly are mini-splits anyway?

If you’re considering a ductless mini-split system, MTB Mechanical wants you to remember these seven things before making a decision.

1. You Can Choose From Two Kinds of Split Systems

There are two main types of split systems: mini-splits or multi-splits. A mini-split is a one-to-one system with one indoor air handler connected to an outdoor condenser/compressor. A multi-split or multi-zone system consists of multiple indoor units connected to either a branch box or directly to the outdoor condenser/compressor. Each of these systems can be connected to existing ductwork or installed as ductless units.

2. Ductless Mini-Split Systems: How They Function

Like a conventional A/C unit, a ductless mini-split uses copper tubing to carry refrigerant from the outdoor unit, which contains the compressor and condenser, to the indoor air handler. But with a ductless mini-split system, the conditioned air blows directly out of the indoor air handler into the room, rather than being routed through ductwork.

3. Ductless Mini-Splits Give You Multi Options

Ductless mini-split systems are available in a variety of configurations and allow customization for exact needs. Homeowners can control their home’s temperature room-by-room, through a wall-mounted thermostat, handheld remote or through an app on a mobile device or tablet. For additional heating capabilities, a heat pump can be added to the mini-split to help transfer heat from one place to another.

4. You Get Easy Installation With a Ductless Mini-Split

Installing a traditional ducted system in your home is a major undertaking. Ducting has to be routed along or inside the walls to connect the parts of the system, a process which can take days or weeks to complete.

Ductless systems, on the other hand, are easier to install. Separate systems can be fitted on a room-by-room basis, and work is often completed in under a day. Mini-split units are discreet and can be installed in the ceiling between standard joists, wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or a horizontal-ducted unit can be installed in the ceiling or floor.

5. Mini-Splits Are a Highly Cost-Effective System

The biggest energy cost in most homes is heating and cooling. When HVAC systems are inefficient, these bills can spiral out of control. Ductless systems can be utilized on a room-by-room basis, giving homeowners greater control over the temperature in their home, as well as helping them save money on utility bills.

6. You’ll See Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient Advantages

Mini-split systems that are ductless can prevent HVAC units from working too hard and reducing their energy expenditure, which is good for the environment. Ductless mini-split systems’ Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating ranges from 18-30 while conventional air conditioner SEER ratings range from 13-20. This can contribute to savings on electrical bills of around 30-40 percent.

In addition, ductless mini-split systems utilize inverter technology to control the speed of the compressor motor and have increased efficiency, extended life of their parts, and operate quieter than conventional systems.

7. Ductless Mini-Splits Mean Improved Air Quality

Another great benefit of ductless mini-split systems is the improved air quality. Ducted systems are notoriously known to have debris accumulate inside the ductwork. Ductless systems come with sophisticated filtration cartridges which can be easily washed or replaced. These multi-stage filtration systems help keep the majority of airborne particles from entering the home.

To learn more about how a ductless mini-split system can better heat and cool your home, reach out to the experts at MTB Mechanical and schedule an appointment online or call (704) 459-4066 today.

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