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MTB Employee Spotlight – Meet Joe Glenn

MTB Employee Joe Glenn

Joe Glenn is a family man, spending his spare time giving back to the community he loves. A warehouse and purchasing manager at MTB Mechanical, Joe has six children (two girls and four boys) and four grandchildren. So it comes as no surprise that he points to MTB’s family-oriented atmosphere as what sets it apart from the competition.

“You have direct access to the owners of the company and can talk to them at any time,” Joe says. “Instead of navigating through corporate, I can just walk upstairs to get any answers I need.”

After joining MTB 15 years ago as a technician in new installations, Joe has experience working in several departments throughout the company. He has trained technicians and worked in the change-out department before moving to his current position as warehouse and purchasing manager. 

“My role is responsible for purchasing all of the materials for the warehouse so that installers have everything they need,” Joe says. “I make sure that all materials are pulled correctly and in a timely manner.”

When asked what he enjoys most about the job, Joe says it’s the opportunity to interact with people. “I’m someone who just loves people!”

It’s that same love of people that led him to providing for others in need.

“It started with a coat drive 15-20 years ago, and it’s grown over the years to become much more,” Joe says. “I feel so fortunate for all that I have and want to help others who may not be as lucky.”

And it’s a family affair. 

“It was important for me to teach my kids about giving back,” Joe says. “We will walk around downtown and provide items for the homeless, or visit different shelters to bring them donations. I recently went to ‘tent city’ with blankets, and a man told me that what he really needed was work clothes. So I went home, got a shirt and a pair of pants, and drove back.”

While Joe continually gives back to others, he “does it big” once a year around Christmas-time. When MTB learned about Joe’s efforts, they decided to get involved as a company and began collecting donations at the office. 

“Picture three huge boxes, maybe 30 x 30 and four feet tall, filled to the top with items,” Joe says. “MTB cares about its employees and what is important to them.”

Joe doesn’t have an official name or website for his efforts (yet), and news about donation drop-offs have spread by word of mouth.

“I don’t like to be in the spotlight,” says Joe. “But the more that I can help people, the more it fills my heart.”

Are you ready for a career with a future? Join Joe and the MTB Mechanical family. We are always looking for the best in the industry to join our team.

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