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Battling Winter Dry Skin with Humidity

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It happens every winter. When your heat goes on, your skin dries out. This is simply the price to pay for staying warm – along with chapped lips, itchy skin and even nosebleeds for some. The dry air and low humidity of the great indoors can also damage wood, including hardwood floors, furniture and musical instruments, like pianos.

The solution is adding humidity, something MTB Mechanical knows a lot about. We focus on indoor air quality, and offer a range of products, including whole-home humidifiers, designed to make your air cleaner and your home more comfortable.

To supplement your home’s humidity this winter, here are a few DIY tips that are easy, natural – and free!

  1. Fill a slow cooker with water and keep it on with the lid off. You can add orange and apple peels, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and vanilla to make your home smell delicious.
  2. Place bowls of water around your home. You can float candles in them to add a decorative touch.
  3. Skip the appliance and try drying some of your clothes and towels by hanging them on coat hangers in doorways or over shower rods. Not only will you save electricity, you’ll add moisture to your home.
  4. Bring in houseplants. They naturally add moisture to the air, and keeping them well-watered will help even more.
  5. When cooking on your stovetop, leave the lids off to allow the steam into the air.
  6. When baking food in the oven, place a pot of water on the stove top. The oven will warm the water in the pot to create a steady vapor.
  7. When you shower or take a hot bath, leave the bathroom door open.
  8. In addition to being the home for low-maintenance pets, fish tanks or bowls add moisture to the air.
  9. When it rains, crack your windows slightly.
  10. Open your dishwasher to dry your dishes and release the steam inside.

When it comes to creating humidity in your home, these low-effort methods can make a big difference. But for a more powerful solution, MTB offers high-quality humidifiers, such as the Aprilaire® 800 Whole Home Humidifier. It connects directly to your furnace, and evenly distributes moisture throughout your home. Not only does a low-maintenance whole-home humidifier create a more pleasant environment, it can also save you money. Warm, humid air feels hotter than dry air because of the moisture it contains. And when the humidity in your home is at an ideal level, you can keep your heat at a lower setting and still feel comfortable.
Interested in the Aprilaire® 800 Whole Home Humidifier? Now is the time to take advantage of our special discount. And for any issues with heating or air quality this winter, depend on the pros at MTB for expert service and advice. Schedule an appointment online or call (704) 459-4066 .

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