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Should You Try a Portable Air Purifier?

When life moves indoors for winter in the Carolinas, the quality of the air becomes more important. The technicians of MTB Mechanical see an uptick in questions about indoor air quality each fall and winter. Homeowners are interested in ways to rid their air of pollen, allergies, germs, viruses and other fine particulates – especially this year, with concerns about COVID-19.

Some homeowners choose portable air purifiers, assuming that this seemingly affordable option is enough to do the job. But do these air purifiers really work? Here are a few things to consider before going the portable route:

The size is small. But so is the effect. 

Portable air purifiers are designed to be small and convenient, placed on a shelf or on the floor in an area that’s particularly wheeze-inducing. Depending on the model, portable purifiers can indeed be effective in very small, contained areas. Unfortunately, contaminated air isn’t so selective; pet dander, dust, smoke and other airborne pollution can easily travel from room to room. This means adding multiple units, driving up the cost.

It’s all about the filter. And changing it. And changing it again. 

The effectiveness of a portable air purifier comes down to its filter. HEPA filters are the industry gold standard, able to collect extremely fine particulates. The downside? They require replacement at least once a year. Electrostatic air filters are available, but they produce ozone, which some people may find irritating to the lungs. Carbon filters are another well-known option, although they require filter changes at least once every three months.

This is the cheapest solution, isn’t it?

In comparing a portable air purifier to a whole home purification system, the portable option appears to be less expensive at first glance. But look at how the costs can add up. Multiple purifiers are needed for multiple rooms. There are the recurring costs of filter replacement, as well as the energy consumption that finds its way into the monthly electricity bill. And as with most products, the cheapest option will have the shortest lifespan, requiring more replacements more often.

Factoring in all these costs, as well as the peace of mind that comes from a powerful and reliable air purification system, many homeowners see the value of the whole home solution. This is where MTB can help. From germicidal UV lights to media air cleaners, we offer many ways to make the air inside your home cleaner and easier to breathe.

One of our most popular solutions is the HALO-LED™ Air Purifier, which utilizes industry-leading LED technology to destroy mold spores, germs and other air invaders, and is installed directly into your existing ductwork for worry-free operation. Now is the perfect time to choose the HALO-LED™, with a special discount.

Above all, please remember that fresh air always starts with a well-functioning HVAC system and clean, regularly changed filters. If it has been a while since you’ve had your heating system inspected by a professional, you may be due for a checkup. Contact the pros at MTB today to talk about our cost-effective solutions for purer, more breathable indoor air. Schedule an appointment online or call (704) 459-4066 .

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