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Spooky Stories and Scary Tales From Attics and Crawl Spaces

Dark attic
Dark attic

Many horror movies start in scary places like up in the attic or in a dark, enclosed space. For MTB Mechanical technicians, that’s all in a day’s work. We’re focused on your HVAC system and the comfort of your home, so grabbing a flashlight and heading in is just what we do. 

Sometimes, a dirty filter isn’t the only scary thing we encounter. Sometimes, we get into an attic or crawl space and realize…we aren’t alone. 

So turn out the lights (if you dare) and read a few spooky stories from our technicians.

“I Looked Up and All I Saw Were Eyes”

Once you’re 20 feet into a crawl space, getting out doesn’t happen quickly. Still, that doesn’t usually bother MTB Warehouse Manager Joe Glenn. 

The first odd moment of this particular job came when he was setting up his workspace and put his hand in something wet. But Joe wasn’t deterred. He continued making his way into the tight crawl space underneath the house. 

Then the sounds started. He could hear something walking. There was plastic sheeting in the crawl space that rattled as something moved across it. He settled in to continue his work and peered ahead.

“I looked up and all I saw were eyes,” Joe says. “It’s probably the fastest I’ve ever gotten out of a crawl space.”

And the eyes? They followed him out. 

Why? We guess the raccoon was just as afraid of Joe as he was of the raccoon. 

“It Sat Up and Screamed At Me”

Comfort Advisor L.T. Baker headed up into an attic to take a look at a furnace. It was dark and his flashlight wasn’t doing the best job helping him see beyond his workspace. 

Suddenly, something sat up and screamed right at him, it’s pale green skin held together by stitches.

And of course, L.T. screamed right back, narrowly escaping breaking through the ceiling while he was at it.

Apparently, the attic was the best place to store Frankenstein, a Halloween decoration whose controller L.T. happened to step on. By the time the homeowner rushed up to make sure L.T. was all right, he’d put it all together and was laughing. 

“I don’t just have a few stories about snakes, I have twenty,” L.T. says. “But I think this might be the best story.”

We agree, L.T.

“It Flew Right At Us”

For Field Service Manager Lamar Shareef, there was no warning. He was up in the attic of a home and couldn’t have prepared himself for what happened next. 

“It flew right at us!” he says. 

The homeowner had no idea he even had a problem until Lamar and his fellow MTB techs started jumping out of the attic. Then they filled him in — bats!

The first one flew toward them and, when they looked up, the whole ridge vent of the attic was full of bats. 

So what did they do next? Finish the job. Lamar says after that initial scare, everyone continued on in peace.

Happy Halloween from the entire MTB family!

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