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Breathe Better with a UV Germicidal Light

Everyone works hard to make home a place of relaxation and refuge. But each time your HVAC system blows air to keep it at a comfortable temperature, a variety of other things, unseen by the naked eye, can accompany that air. From mold and pollen that make you sneeze to viruses and bacteria that make you sick, there could be more circulating in your air than you bargained for.

Many hospitals use UV light as a method of decontamination in ductwork. MTB Mechanical utilizes this same type of system to achieve higher air quality in homes. Unlike other purification systems designed to remove particulate matter, a UV light actually kills mold spores, germs and other air invaders. By working 24/7 to sterilize, UV germicidal lights eliminate 99.9% of the contaminants in your home. 

During humid summers when mold is at its worst, the UV light is at its best, eliminating pollutants that make allergy sufferers miserable. During cold and flu season, the UV light destroys germs and slows down the transmission of infection throughout the home. 

UV light is effective at killing dust mites, bacteria, viruses and mold spores. By altering the DNA of germs and other organic contaminants, UV light renders them harmless. Once these pollutants pass by the UV light in your HVAC system, they are no longer able to reproduce and cause allergies or illness. UV germicidal systems are particularly helpful for people who have hidden mold in their home, allergies, respiratory problems, or frequent bacterial or viral infections. 

Another great feature of the UV germicidal system is its efficiency and convenience. Because the UV light is installed directly into your duct work, it doesn’t take up any living space. These systems operate silently and virtually maintenance-free, simply requiring a replacement bulb every one to two years. The system is so efficient that operating it only costs a few pennies a day.

Ready to breathe easy? Expert MTB Mechanical technicians can help address the air quality in your home. Get started when you schedule an appointment online or give us a call today at (704) 459-4066 .

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