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Is Your Air Conditioner Making a Banging Noise?

During warm weather in the Carolinas, Charlotte-area residents rely on their air conditioners to keep their homes cool and comfortable. As summer creeps up, air conditioners are turned on for the first time in months. When clicking on the A/C at the beginning of the season, you hope everything runs smoothly and your home begins to quickly cool off. 

The expert HVAC technicians at MTB Mechanical recommend regular maintenance to keep your system in good working condition. Even so, there are a number of common problems that result in service calls, especially as the seasons change. One frequent issue we hear from customers is that their air conditioner is making a banging noise. 

If you hear a banging noise coming from your air conditioner, it’s best to turn it off and contact an MTB technician to inspect your system. While the problem may be a simple fix, continuing to run your air conditioner when it is making a banging noise can result in further damage to your system.

The typical explanations for a noisy air conditioner are issues with the blower fan or compressor. The blower fan is located in the indoor air handler. It is responsible for extracting the warm air from inside your home and sending cooled air through your house via air ducts. This is essential for A/C operation. If your blower fan has a loose blade, you may hear a banging noise coming from within the air handler. 

If the banging noise you hear is coming from the outside unit, it could be something as simple as a loose part like a rod, piston or fan blade. It also could be a problem with the compressor itself, which an HVAC technician can diagnose and help you know if it needs a repair or a complete compressor replacement.

While putting off HVAC repairs can make it feel like you’re saving money, the truth is that regular maintenance is actually a money-saver. Not only does it make your system more efficient, resulting in lower power bills, regular maintenance also allows small mechanical problems to be caught long before they manifest into a larger issue that causes the need for a total system replacement. MTB’s Priority Comfort Agreement customers get, among other things, two visits per year. 

If you are hearing odd noises from your A/C system, turn it off and request an appointment online or call MTB immediately at (704) 459-4066 . This will keep your air conditioner from further damage and save you from a potential breakdown during the cooling season.

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