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How Often You Should Really Be Changing Your Air Filter

For Charlotteans feeling like they’ve already been long-suffering with allergies this year, they have good reason. An early surge in pollen means MTB’s expert HVAC technicians are seeing some especially dirty air filters. These clogged filters mean allergens can slip through and be distributed in the air throughout your home.

Why the early pollen season and what can be done to keep the air in your home clean and allergen-free? Keep reading (hint – it has a lot to do with remembering to change that air filter).

WCNC Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich says that in some cases, this is the earliest bloom season in 39 years with tree pollen showing up almost a month ahead of schedule.

Hoping that means allergy season will end early? Not so fast. Even plummeting into lower temperatures just delays the inevitable which, this year, means a long season of coughing and sneezing.

Those looking for relief may pull out a cabinet full of medicines as a solution, but another thing to consider is the last time you changed your air filter. Allergens are introduced to our home’s ecosystem on our clothes, shoes and hair. Air filters act as a line of defense against these particles continuing to circulate.

Dirty air filters mean dirty air in your home and, beyond that, can reduce the efficiency of your system, causing it to work harder. This results in increased operating costs and the potential for maintenance issues.

To keep your home’s air clean and your system working smoothly, clean air filters are a must. To truly understand how often yours need to be changed, first look at the kind of air filter you have. There are a variety of filters and designs, some that need to be changed monthly others quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Also, take into consideration your lifestyle as those suffering from allergies or those who have dogs in the home may need to change filters even more often.

Make frequent filter changes just another part of your routine by signing up for MTB’s monthly or quarterly email reminders.

Another option to consider is installing germicidal UV lights directly into your ductwork. This is the same technology hospitals use to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses so, beyond allergens, you’ll also prevent the spread of illness. Germicidal UV lights do not take the place of filters but are just another way to maintain the highest air quality in your home.

An MTB technician can help evaluate opportunities to improve your home’s air quality and keep you breathing easier. Give us a call at (704) 459-4066 .

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