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Winter Power Outages: Are You Prepared?

Although the Charlotte region isn’t known for tough winters, we have our share of heavy snow and ice storms. Trees and ice can easily bring down power lines. If you lose power and heat for hours or even days, are you prepared? Here are a few survival tips from your friends at MTB. 

  1. Stock up on supplies. Make sure you have flashlights with fresh batteries, non-perishable foods, a manual can opener, bottled water, candles, matches and plenty of blankets. If you have a fireplace, keep a full supply of wood at the ready. And don’t forget to fully charge your phones and other devices. 
  2. Prevent heat loss. Avoid opening and closing exterior doors. One blast of cold air can drop your indoor temperature between five and 10 degrees. For additional protection, close your blinds and curtains to insulate windows, and place rolled-up towels at the base of doors to block drafts. 
  3. Dress in layers. Remember that layering loose clothing keeps you warmer than tight layers. Be sure to cover your toes and fingers, as they are in the most danger from cold. And to prevent heat loss through your head, keep a hat on.   
  4. Conserve as much heat as possible. Gather your family and pets in one interior room at all times. Smaller spaces are easier to heat, and by keeping all the body heat in one space, it will be easier for everyone to stay warm together.
  5. Light a fire. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, light a fire and keep it burning. If your wood supply is limited, burn it at intervals when it gets the coldest inside.

Finally, when the storm passes and power is restored, be sure to monitor your thermostat. If your house is not warming up as it should, MTB Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Call us at 704-321-9250 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll get your family and home warm again in no time!

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