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7 Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Summer break is winding down and school is almost back in session. At MTB, we know getting back into the groove of things can be tough for you and your children. But if you start making small changes now, it will make the transition back to school easier.

Here are seven tips to start your kids’ school year off on the right foot.

  1. Start their school sleep schedules early. Right now, they’re operating on summer time, but those late nights won’t be good once they’re back in the classroom. Start putting them to bed earlier now so they can adjust.
  2. Start or refamiliarize everyone with a shared calendar. Whether it lives on your fridge or on a computer, make sure you and your kids on the same page. Life is about to get a lot busier, and you have to know when and where everyone needs to be at all times.
  3. Take inventory of your kids’ school supplies. Contrary to what back-to-school commercials would like you to think, you don’t have to go out and buy all new supplies. Take note of what your kids have and what they actually need before hitting the store.
  4. Spend a day doing a closet cleanout. Back-to-school shopping can be fun, but it can also be expensive. Go through your kids’ closets and determine what they’ve outgrown and what they need before going to the mall. 
  5. Create a designated homework space. Distractions are around every corner. Make it easier for them to concentrate on their homework by creating a quiet, clean space.
  6. Start a “Needs Attention” box. You’re about to be receiving a lot of handouts and slips that need signing. Start a box where your kids can place all those important papers for your attention.
  7. Speed up your clocks. The first week of school is always hectic. Set your clocks ahead by 10 minutes, so you’re ahead of schedule.

Want to check one thing of your to-do list before school starts back? Schedule your appointment with MTB today.

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