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When should I turn my AC on?

North Carolina summers are hot, hot, hot, and the warmer weather starts early. So, when should you turn on your air conditioner for the season? How soon is too soon? MTB recommends opening your windows and doors, utilizing fans, and closing your blinds and shades until the temperatures get seriously warm. These simple steps will save you energy and money early in the season. MTB also wants to make the summer transition a smooth one for you and your family. Before you turn on your AC, check off all these boxes.
⃞ Change your air filter (sign up for our free air filter reminder here)
⃞ Clean and clear away debris from your outdoor unit
⃞ Make sure your thermostat fan is set to “AUTO,” not “ON”
⃞ Turn your thermostat from “HEAT” to “COOL”
⃞ Check the insulation around your outdoor unit’s cooling lines
⃞ Turn your unit on to test if cool air is coming out (don’t forget to turn it off after)
⃞ Check your indoor registers and vents and make sure they are open
⃞ Call MTB to do a preventative maintenance inspection
Once you have checked off all of these boxes, follow these steps to properly turn your AC on.
Listen to your outdoor unit. You want to check and make sure your fan and condenser are running, but aren’t making unusual noises.
Check for warm air. Hold your hand above your outdoor unit. The air coming out of the top of the unit should feel warm since it’s drawing the warm air out of your home.
Give your unit a couple hours to cool off. Let it run for a little while and make sure the indoor air temperature is getting cooler throughout your home. If your unit has been running for a long period of time and you can’t tell a difference, it’s time to call the experts.
Don’t wait to test your unit until you desperately need AC in the scorching temperatures. Get ready for another warm summer and give MTB a call at (704) 459-4066 to make sure your air conditioner is in great shape to keep you cool.

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