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What to Expect When Our Technician Arrives for a Preventative Inspection

MTB has served the greater Charlotte area for more than 40 years. We continue to perfect our craft, and are dedicated to giving our customers courteous, professional and reliable service.We talk a lot about regular preventative maintenance, and for good reason. It can save you money in the long run. Our trained technicians can detect potential problems and alert you to preventative measures that can ensure your furnace or air conditioner will continue running at peak capacity and efficiency.
Here’s what you can expect when one of our expert technicians arrives at your home for preventative maintenance service:
We come to the front door to introduce ourselves upon arrival, before beginning any exterior work. We also inform you of the work we will be performing that day.
We put on protective shoe coverings, or “booties,” before we enter your home. This is the best way to ensure we don’t track mud on your carpeting or floors.
For an inspection of your air conditioner, our tech will, among other things: test and inspect the drain pan safety switches, inspect and test the contactors and relays, and wash the outdoor coil with detergent.
For an inspection of your furnace, our tech will, among other things: test the blower capacitor, inspect the heat exchanger, inspect/test the hot surface ignitor, and test for carbon monoxide.
After any of the above inspections, our tech will explain their findings and walk you through any possible repairs or inspections. At MTB, we provide upfront estimates before doing any work or repairs, which takes the guesswork out of your HVAC service bills.
Ready to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians? Give us a call (704) 459-4066 .

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