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How to Adjust Your Thermostat When Company is Visiting for the Holidays

September and October flew by. Now, it’s that time of year again. The time when your extended family stays at your house for the holidays. But with extra people come extra responsibilities. Making sure the pumpkin pie, green bean casserole and cookies for Santa are perfect should be on your mind, not your heating bill. Family time is great, but what does extra company mean for your thermostat settings? The experts at MTB break down thermostat settings by time of day.Here are some heating tips to use when you have family in town this winter:
During the Day
Not sure what a reasonable temperature is for your home during the day? The holidays mean chilly weather, and we believe 68 degrees is a happy medium to keep everyone content. If 68 has you and your guests shivering in their boots, try adding on an extra layer of clothing before changing the temperature. Resist the urge to automatically turn up the heat 10 degrees. If you turn the thermostat too high, you run the risk of overheating your rooms and making your guests feel like it’s July. Don’t let the hot air lead to more heated discussions around the dinner table. Start by raising the temperature by one degree and go from there.
While Cooking the Big Meal
It can get hot in the kitchen — whether it’s from too many cooks or the turkey in the oven. Don’t be afraid to turn down the heat early. The warmth from the all-day cooking can help keep you and your guests comfortable, especially if your activities are centered around the kitchen. However, if your home is more than one story, or has an open floor plan, you may want to wait a little closer to bedtime to turn down the temperature for the night.
During the Night
Before crawling into bed, turn your temperature back as low as 65 degrees. That’s right, 65 degrees.Your holiday splurges shouldn’t include your heating bill. Dress accordingly with warm PJs, and give your guests thick comforters to keep them cozy throughout the night. Don’t forget to program your thermostat to turn back to 68 degrees in the morning, and if you don’t have a programmable thermostat, just remember to adjust it yourself once you rise and shine.
From your friends at MTB, we hope you and your family have a warm holiday season.

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