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7 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality this Fall

Allergies aren’t just a spring nuisance, they are prevalent during fall, too. If you’ve been sniffing and sneezing lately, you should consider some of these solutions to help you breathe easier.Here are 7 easy tips to reduce allergens in your home this fall:

Your shoes could be making your allergies worse. Did you know a lot of allergens are brought into your home on the bottom of your shoes? Your soles can pick up allergens from your driveway, walkway and lawn, and when you come inside, you track these allergens in with you. Avoid this by making it a habit to take off your shoes before you come inside. If you enjoy gardening or just being out in your yard, have a specific pair of shoes that are used specifically for that purpose, and keep them outside your door so you can easily slip them on and off.

If you have an attic fan, use it to keep the moisture levels down in your attic, because humidity breeds mold. In addition, be faithful about running your bathroom fan while showering. This will help control mold-activated allergy symptoms.

Wash your bedding often and smother dust mites. You should wash your bedding once a week in hot water to kill dust mites. As for your pillows and mattresses, purchasing a special cover for both will protect you from dust mite infestation.

Be thorough in your cleaning. Dust cloths tend to scatter as much dust as they collect. Instead, dust with electrostatic material that will permanently trap the dust you wipe up. After use, either throw the cloths away or make sure you wash them if they aren’t disposable.

An effective vacuum can work wonders. Make sure your vacuum not only picks up small particles, but also traps them so they aren’t picked up and then blown back around.

Use a good filter in your HVAC system and change it frequently.
Install an AIR KNIGHT® AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM. It combats toxins in your home and destroys chemical vapors and odors as well. The system also prevents the growth of mold and mildew by stopping moisture buildup, which keeps your air fresh.

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