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3 Things to Keep in Mind About Space Heaters This Winter

1. There is a wide range. Space heaters can run on any of the following fuel sources: electricity, natural gas, kerosene or propane. They can also differ in the way they diffuse heat (convection heaters circulate warm air, and radiant heaters emit infrared heat).2. They can put you in danger. Did you know space heaters cause more than 25,000 residential fires every year? To stay safe and warm indoors: use a newer model of an electric heater (not powered by gas or propane) with built-in safety features, use an appropriately sized heater for the space, and keep fabric, rugs and furniture away from the heater. Also, never leave your heater on overnight or when no one is in the room.
3. They may not actually save you money. While there are newer, more energy efficient models, millions of Americans still use old space heaters. In comparing the cost of a portable heater and a new heating system, there are three things to consider: safety, longevity and convenience. If you’re considering buying a space heater for every room of your home, the cost and safety risks could outweigh repairing or replacing your HVAC system.
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