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What is a contactor and why does it matter for my HVAC unit?

Don’t know what a contactor is? Don’t worry, that’s what the experts at MTB are here for.Your HVAC unit plays a major role in your everyday life — contactors deliver energy throughout your HVAC unit to protect it and keep it running at top performance.
How exactly do contactors work?
Contactors open and close depending on what cycle your unit is in. They control how and where electricity is delivered to certain parts of the unit to keep you comfortable indoors.
A signal is delivered to a contactor when it’s time for a cooling cycle. As this happens, the contactor lowers and allows electricity to flow through. When the thermostat is ready to finish a cooling cycle, the contactor raises to stop the flow of electricity to your air conditioner.
A reliable contactor is vital to your HVAC system’s health. The Emerson™ SureSwitch™ contactor protects your unit from mechanical contactor failures.
Warning signs your contactor needs to be replaced:
1. The contactor is making a loud buzzing noise.
2. The unit won’t turn off when the thermostat is off.
3. The contactor show signs of wear as determined by an HVAC professional.
Contactor failure can result in major compressor damage if not repaired quickly. When your contactor needs to be replaced, give the professionals at MTB a call. Don’t try to replace it yourself — contactor replacement is a high-voltage hazard. Please note, regular preventative maintenance can help identify potential contactor failures before they become a problem.
MTB is offering $25 off an Emerson™ SureSwitch™ contactor that delivers long-term protection to your AC unit. This offer is valid until September 30, 2018. Give the experts a call, and get peace of mind today.

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