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Top 3 Tips For the Beginning of Air Conditioning Season

Warmer days are here, and summer is on the way. This means making the switch to air conditioning. But before the real summer heat arrives and you need to keep your AC unit running day and night, here are a few tips to conserve energy while giving your system a break.Open your windows and doors.One day it’s hot. The next day it’s cold. The weather can’t make up its mind. Because summer days and temperatures in the mid 90s haven’t yet arrived, open your windows at night for cooler cross-ventilation. Don’t forget to close your windows in the morning to keep the cool air in. Keep your inner doors open as well to promote air circulation.
Utilize fans. Whether you have ceiling fans or smaller fans, use them to your advantage as you create a cooler air flow throughout your home.
Close your blinds and shades. As the sun rises, so does the temperature in your home. Radiant heat can turn your home into an oven. To block the hot rays, draw your curtains and close your blinds to maintain a cooler home while you’re away. Cool off at night by repeating tips one and two.
A seasonal reminder: Don’t forget to call MTB to perform a maintenance check on your AC system for optimal performance, all summer long. Contact usto schedule your appointment today with one of our trained professionals.

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