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How to Protect Your AC Unit from Leaking | MTB Mechanical

We have already seen some very warm pre-summer days in our area. This means you’re going to turn on your AC soon if you haven’t cranked it up already. When you turn the dial on your AC, the last thing you need is water leaking from the ceiling and soaking your floors. You want to ensure you have proper collection and drainage of condensate.Without getting into too much of the technical details, your air conditioning system keeps you cool by removing moisture from your indoor air. But normal AC drain lines can fail. When your primary drain line fails or gets clogged, water will drip indoors from your overflow drain. Condensate overflow can not only damage your equipment and its surroundings, but can also result in property damage and life-threatening illnesses. That’s why it’s imperative to have your HVAC system properly inspected and maintained. This will ensure your overflow drain and overflow pan are correctly installed to collect and drain the excess moisture.
A water safety switch is also essential. Meet EZ Trap. It acts as a regulator to ensure your air conditioning unit does not continue to run and leak inside your home when the primary drain gets clogged. An EZ Trap is installed to your primary drain line and has a float inside of it. Once the float is engaged, it turns your air conditioner off to prevent leakage. After the water drains properly, the float will go down, and your AC unit will turn on again. Pretty cool, eh?
Don’t wait until you notice water dripping from your ceiling. By being proactive, you can save time and money. Our trained professionals are ready to help you with all your HVAC needs. And we’re also ready to save you money. Save $25 off an EZ Trap now through June 30, 2018. Contact MTBto schedule your appointment today.

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