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Get (safely) FIRED UP!

When evenings are chilly, there’s nothing quite like building a fire to create a warm and cozy setting. At the same time, it’s important to remember your fireplace is a heating system, and any heating system requires regular maintenance to function safely and efficiently. We recommend a professional chimney cleaning. Chimney sweeps use a high-powered vacuum so no dust or soot enter the house. These companies clean the entire chimney, check the flue and also look in the attic for any areas that need repair. In addition to having a chimney sweep inspection, here are some other safety measures to keep in mind as you prepare to use your fireplace.Never use green wood, it produces more smoke than heat and causes deposits to build up inside the chimney.
Open the fireplace flue before starting a fire to allow fresh air for the fire to breathe and for the smoke to go up the chimney.
Don’t discard anything into the fire besides firewood. Seemingly safe materials can produce toxic fumes.
Use a fire screen in front of the fireplace to contain embers and logs, and to keep young children away from the fire.
Have a metal container for removing hot ashes. Embers and ashes can easily and quickly produce flying particles, which can ignite or damage furniture, floors and upholstery.
Never overload your fireplace. Too many logs can create an unstable situation

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