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Did you know that the EPA has named winter indoor air quality as a source of dangerous health complications, such as an increased risk of heart disease and pneumonia?It is important that your Winter happy home has a heating system that is ready and working. But in addition to staying warm, there’s another equally important concern: indoor air quality.
Late Winter as the out doors prepares for its Spring revival, features quite a variety of unique allergens that can easily find their way into your home. And because windows and doors are kept shut to keep the cold out, indoor air doesn’t typically circulate very well, causing pollutants and particles to build up.
It’s not just seasonal conditions that affect indoor air quality. Construction is booming across the Charlotte region. From the Center City to the suburbs, all this activity stirs up particulates like dirt, drywall and dust, which can easily make their way indoors.
In addition, there’s something unexpected contributing to air quality, especially when we start keeping the doors and windows closed for the colder months. Believe it or not, it’s furniture, carpets and drapes. Modern fabrics are treated for longevity and stain resistance, and these treatments contain chemicals that linger in the air, especially when a home isn’t properly ventilated. What’s the best way to combat the air quality issues all around us, this fall and all year long?
INSTALL AN AIR KNIGHT® AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM An Air Knight® Air Purification System combats toxins in your home and destroys chemical vapors and odors as well. The system also prevents the growth of mold and mildew by stopping moisture buildup, which keeps your air fresh. Call us today to schedule your appointment! (704) 459-4066

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