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5 Tips to Save Energy This Spring

The weather is heating up and summer vacations are on the horizon. Don’t let your utility bills get you down. Keep cool while saving energy and money this spring.Follow these 5 tips to save energy:
Be mindful of your thermostat temperature. Spring in the Carolinas can fluctuate. One day it’s hot. The next day it’s cold. Set your thermostat temperature as close as possible to the outdoor temperature to stay comfortable and keep energy costs low. Avoid going from one temperature extreme to the other as the weather changes.
Utilize your windows for cooling. Pay attention to the weather forecast. If it cools down at night, open your windows and turn off your cooling system to conserve energy. This will keep your home cool and ventilated while you sleep. Just shut your windows and blinds in the morning to keep the cool air in. There is also an array of window covering options that improve your home’s energy efficiency.
Get your HVAC system checked. Now is the time to have an MTB professional inspect your outdoor air conditioning unit to ensure it is running properly and ready for the summer months. This can extend the life of your AC unit and protect against unexpected, costly breakdowns.
Keep the hot air out. Depending on when your home was built and the materials used, cracks and openings can form. Leaky windows and doors are prime entryways for hot air to enter your home. Seal these openings with caulk or weatherstripping.
Wait until evening to do your chores. Appliances like your laundry machine, dishwasher and oven create heat which can raise your indoor temperature. As the weather warms up, avoid using these appliances throughout the day to help keep your cool air.
For more energy saving tips and to schedule an appointment with MTB, contact us.

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